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First, the FACTS:

People who take Royal Velvet consistently, will immediately discover that they are saving hundreds of dollars per month (over and above the cost of Royal Velvet, no matter how much they purchase and consume). And tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings over a lifetime of Royal Velvet use (with the dramatic and incredible added benefit of a healthier, higher quality, and longer life!)

This comes from many life changes that are immediate. Realistically, not everyone has the same ‘issues’ or ‘health problems’ that can be alleviated, but everyone notices a dramatic decrease in the amount of food consumed, especially cravings for junk food, sugar, overeating, snacking between meals, calorie-rich/nutrient-less food, and large portion meals. This alone saves the average adult a minimal additional $100 per month on food.

Instant savings coupled with instant benefits!

Also, addictions, such as nicotine, drugs, etc. subside or decrease. More savings.

Chronic pain issues, many health problems, diminish or are alleviated altogether. Saving a small fortune on OTCs (Over The Counter Drugs), as well as prescriptions, missed worked or less productive work.

Dramatically improved mood, sleep, and brain function is the #1 most recognized immediate benefit. This results in more productivity, creativity, better work ethic and attitude, less need for OTCs and prescriptions, and overall financial benefits at work.

Long term benefits are staggering in financial rewards and savings. This can result in tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars of savings over the period of your lifetime.

Royal Velvet is:

* The MOST nutrient-dense super food in the world.
* The MOST life-changing natural product in the world.
* The MOST health-promoting adaptogen in the world.
* The MOST powerful Bio-Hack in the world.
* The MOST aging reversing product in the world.
* The MOST organ and system repairing product in the world.
* The MOST beneficial product for optimal brain function in the world.

You could purchase $1,000 worth of food, supplements, or anything you found in your local health food store or grocery store, consume them all within one month. FACT: A one month’s supply of Royal Velvet would out-perform every reason you consumed the food and those supplements! (Except for calories, which in reality is a GOOD thing!) Nutrifying your body by a landslide, aiding all bodily functions better, help slowing down aging, repair damaged organs and tissues, protecting the DNA integrity of your cells (if you ONLY KNEW what this alone meant), providing your brain with the needed nutrients for optimal brain function, and scores of other benefits.

  1. MAJOR SAVINGS ON NUTRIENTS The average middle-income American adult couple spends on average $800 per month on groceries and $350 per month on eating out. That is $1,150 per month for the purpose of providing nutrients to their bodies. FACT: 90% of Americans are malnourished, falling extremely short of supplying their 75 trillion cells with the nutrients needed for ‘average’ health, let alone optimal health.  A month’s adult dosage of Royal Velvet supplies the human body with more kinds of nutrients (especially the vital, repairing, brain, and organ-functioning nutrients) than the groceries they consume monthly. Royal Velvet is the most nutrient-dense super food in the world.
  2. DRAMATICALLY IMPROVED PRODUCTIVITY We see this all the time in testimonies from our clients who consistently consume Royal Velvet. They advance at work in a plethora of ways. In essence, their job performance, creativity, abilities to give good input, work well with their fellow employees, and offer key advice and solutions to their bosses means advancement at work that they would not otherwise received.
  3. LIVING HEALTHIER MEANS FEWER DRUGS & DOCTOR VISITS The dollar volume of savings in no longer needing prescription, over-the-counter (OTC), and other medications is a financial windfall. As well as the overall condition of wellbeing cannot have a dollar amount placed upon it. Most people can only dream of living a life full of vitality, mental clarity, joy, and longevity.
  4. ADDICTIONS SUBSIDE OR ARE ALLEVIATED One of the amazing benefits of taking Royal Velvet consistently is its ability to “correct” and “rewire” your brain from addictions. All addictions are costly, some more than others. Whether they be gambling addictions, or porn, video games, social media, lying, or the “typical ones”: nicotine, alcohol, drugs….
  5. HUGE SAVINGS ON SUPPLEMENTS We consistently get feedback from customers telling us they gave up most (or sometimes all) of their supplements, and notice dramatic improvements on Royal Velvet alone. There are scores of reasons why this is the case. But the main ones are: A) Royal Velvet has over 1,000 nutrients. More than any other natural food supplement. B) Royal Velvet is liposomal, giving you 95%+ absorption. (Over 10 times the average of ALL other supplements.) C) Over 90% of the supplements sold in the USA are synthetic, not being utilized in the body the way food source nutrients are created to be.
  6. LESS SICK TIME – MORE WORK Royal Velvet helps boost the immune system and helps keep all organs and your 11 systems functioning more optimally. This means much less sickness. Which means fewer days out of work, or not as productive when you do go to work not feeling well. Also, because Royal Velvet elevates your brain functions (mental clarity, memory, handling stress better, increased mood, better attitude, increased intelligence, more creativity…) everything improves with your job. (See #2 as well.)
  7. INTELLECTUAL SITUATIONAL AWARENESS This may not sound like a financial money winner, but the reality is those people who are intelligent, wise, and have situational awareness are more financially successful in life. This is due mainly to: A) Increased intelligence provides greater opportunities for success. From high school to retirement. B) People that are situationally aware are much more apt to avoid problems, accidents, trouble, complications, bad situations, disputes, danger, stress… C) Intelligent people are problem solvers and can come up with solutions that other people cannot.

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