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Royal Velvet has helped thousands of people in every area of the reproductive system, we want to offer this basic understanding of why Royal Velvet is so beneficial to people in this area of their life. 

Antler velvet has been used for centuries to enhance libido and reproduction. Books have even been written on this subject. Emperors in the ancient Asian dynasties were given antler velvet exclusively over the rest of the population. This was done for many reasons. 

The emperors had concubines. This was to populate their ‘kingdoms’ with their progeny. This also gave them many sons from which to choose an heir. It was not uncommon for the emperors to have sex multiple times per day to impregnate as many of their wives as possible. 

The oriental ‘medicine men’ knew that antler velvet was the best aphrodisiac to provide their emperor with the stamina and sex drive to “perform’ multiple times per day, if needed. 

Amazingly, the ‘average’ person living during this time (without the benefits of antler velvet) lived only half as long as the emperor (who consumed antler velvet on a regular basis). Nor did his concubines live much longer than the average person, unless they too were given antler velvet as a special “gift” by the emperor. Only the medicine men that controlled the supply of antler velvet lived longer than average due to their use of antler velvet as well. 

Anyone searching the Internet for sexual enhancement products will always run into companies selling antler velvet for this purpose. Since Royal Velvet is the most potent, most balanced, and most efficacious antler velvet product on the market today, it stands to reason that we get unsolicited testimonies from our clients reporting amazing benefits in the bedroom.

For us, we think that because Royal Velvet does not have any harmful side effects, that anyone suffering from libido problems would certainly benefit from using Royal Velvet as well as not having to worry about the harmful side effects of drugs and chemical stimulants. 

We also want to report that many couples trying to get pregnant for years have turned to Royal Velvet to help make them fertile. We can report that as long as both partners take Royal Velvet, the chances of becoming pregnant dramatically increases. This is due to the overall health effects of Royal Velvet, bringing the reproductive system into its most optimal state. 

Remember that Royal Velvet is an adaptogen, balancing bodily functions that are ‘out-of-whack’ or not working properly. A healthy libido is certainly better than an unhealthy libido. For those who are concerned that taking Royal Velvet may make them too sexually stimulated, we bring your attention once again to the fact that an adaptogen does not cause a pendulum swing too far in any direction, but balances bodily functions to their most optimal state.