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frequently asked questions


1) Is “anyone” allowed to become an affiliate with your company?

Yes and no. Initially, we have to “approve” you as an affiliate. It is simple to do. All we require is for you to give us some very basic information about you as an influencer. We do not discriminate based upon any criteria (how many followers you have or don’t have, race, age, sex, etc.) NOTE: However, there ARE minimums required at 3 month intervals. To see what those requirements are, click here.

2) How do I become an affiliate?

Becoming an affiliate is easy. Click on any “JOIN NOW” button on this website (found on home page), thoughtfully and thoroughly fill out the questionnaire, and wait until you hear back from us. Within 2 business days (Monday through Friday) you will receive a welcome/confirmation email with that you were “approved” as an affiliate (with instructions on what you can do to start) and that your free month’s supply of Royal Velvet is on the way to you (which you should receive within 2 to 3 days after the email confirmation is sent.)

3) Does it cost anything to become an affiliate?

You will not need to spend any money. Your first month of Royal Velvet is free (and shipped to you as free), to take as directed. If you meet the “Required Minimums” at each stage (of time), you will always receive free Royal Velvet with free shipping for your personal use.

4) Do you participate in “shaving” or “scrubbing”?

We are a moral and ethical company. We do not rip off, in anyway, any of our affiliates. We do however, have minimum requirements at 3 month intervals. This keeps our affiliate program strong, with the most productive affiliates who are making a concerted effort to use this program as an opportunity of a lifetime. Minimums are easily met with just a bit of effort and intelligence.

5) How do I earn commissions?

Affiliates earn $10 per bottle on Royal Velvet or PURE purchased through their personal affiliate webpage, from their followers. There is NO maximum amount that can be earned. The sky is the limit.

NOTE: We also give out bonuses to affiliates for various reasons.

6) How much money can I make?

We have a $100,000 per month limit on commissions*. (Which means you can make up to $1.2 million a year.) WHY? If we allowed a few affiliates to dominate, and gather the entire Royal Velvet market, we could eventually only have one or two affiliates – meeting APEX. That means we would have to let go every other affiliate, to supply the product for just a few affiliates.

We want to spread the wealth, the opportunity to help others, and to build good karma for many qualified Influencers.

*We make exceptions to the $100,000 per month maximum commissions on an individual basis. NOTE: If you are closely aligned with our philosophy of helping others, and doing it well, we will definitely consider allowing you to earn more in commissions.

7) How often do I get paid?

All the commissions that you earn during a calendar month will be paid into your Zelle account around the middle of the following month. We will try to make it the 15th, depending on weekends and holidays. For example: all of February commissions will be paid around March 15th.

NOTE: The commissions paid on any returns, will be deducted from the next months commissions.

Have a Zelle account? Great! If you don’t, see how easy it is by going to their website and clicking on the short (minute and a half) informative video here.
Link is https://www.zellepay.com/how-it-works.

8) How much time will this realistically take per month?

Like most things in life, you will get out of it what you put into it. However, as an affiliate, spending only a few to several hours per week intelligently, could make you a millionaire. It all depends on how many followers you have, how faithful your followers are, how well you communicate with your followers, etc. See the next question.

9) I don’t have a large following. Can I make big bucks referring Affiliates?

We are firm believers in networking with like-minded individuals. If, and that is a BIG IF, per chance you know or are related to someone who would be a powerful, ‘perfect’ fit as a Royal Affiliate, (and you are the one who ‘networks’ us together), we would be willing to offer you a commission based upon their performance. This can be discussed with our CEO or Affiliate Manager.

10) Is this only for the United States and not foreign countries?

Currently, we are only signing up affiliates who are located in the USA. Shipping product to your followers in the USA is free. However, there is a substantial charge to ship to ANY foreign country. This is simply due to the cost of shipping, the security costs to make sure the product arrives and is delivered to the recipient in the foreign country, etc. Due to the extremely limited amount of raw material available in comparison to the demand that will be reached, we want to limit the affiliates to USA based affiliates only.

If you are in a foreign country, and believe that we should make an exception for you, please feel free to contact us and we will take your reasons and case into consideration.

11) Do you have tools and support that will help me?

Yes. Our affiliate software company (Post Affiliate Pro) has many tools, videos, and helps to aid you in your success. We also have tools and support as well.

12) This sounds too good to be true. Will you eventually stop taking on new affiliates?

Yes. There is only a certain amount of raw material in the world that is available to make our product. 99.9% of all other antler velvet products in the world are void of the life-changing nutrients that only ours has. It is a simple supply and demand reality. We will stop taking affiliates long before we reach APEX (when all the Royal Velvet that we can manufacturer monthly is ‘spoken’ for. Read: sold.)

13) Is there a way to track my sales?

Yes, Post Affiliate Pro has that information and more, available on your personal dashboard.

14) Why is your affiliate program better than being sponsored?

There are three basic reasons. 1) Our affiliate program gives the affiliate the opportunity to make 10 to 100 TIMES the amount of money that they would get from most sponsors. 2) Ever since it was discovered, over 40 years ago, that a famous movie star, who was being paid to promote a brand of dog food, did not feed his dog that brand, the public is quite aware that people being paid to promote a product are for the most part just prostituting themselves. All of our affiliates take our product and honestly tell their followers their personal experience. 3) Paid sponsors ‘own’ you, and make demands upon you, your time, and force you to say and do things you may not believe or want to do.