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About Us

Joel Blake Sawyer is the CEO & Founder of The Healthy Protocol, LLC. He has been on the cutting edge of alternative health modalities for over 4 decades. He coined the term “Life Extension” in 1980, and founded Life Extension – Today’s Advanced Nutrition the same year. This launched the “Life Extension Revolution” in the early 80’s. He is the author of the #1 ultimate book on bio-hacking, The Homeostasis Protocol – Your Key To Divine Health, the only resource in the world explaining the synergistic importance of the 7 Internal Environments of the human body.

Blake has also formulated and developed the #1 Bio-Hack product in the world, Royal Velvet, which does more to improve and transform the overall condition of the human body than any other product, or host of products combined.

Blake has produced hundreds of radio shows, podcasts, blogs, articles, and has been a keynote speaker at conferences, as well as many guest appearances. He has been written about in the #1 Best Selling book on age reversal, as well as many other books on various topics of health.

His passion to empower people with the truth, live the highest quality of life possible, free from disease and premature death, and do it effectively and at a minimal cost has been his goal in life for over 45 years.

This affiliate program is one of the avenues in which he has chosen to get the word out to those who have “ears to hear” the message of living in homeostasis, or divine health.