Affiliate Questionnaire


1) List (up to) your top 5 social media platforms
2) User name for each
3) The number of followers you have on each
4) If you use that platform for specific niche categories Example: fitness, health, golf, MMA, bio-hacking, etc.
5) Rate your followers on a scale of 1 – 10. (10 being VERY loyal followers, active, great rapport… and 1 being you bought them and they could care less about anything you say or do.)

NOTE: Our goal is for every affiliate to make a minimum of $50k per year, with top affiliates, (listening to our advice and applying it, as well as having a faithful group of followers), is $100,000+ per year minimum.

Write at least a couple paragraphs of insights, plans, goals, and ideas that you have so we can see your personality come through, your communication skills, and just how much of an entrepreneur you really are.

From this information, we will determine whether or not you are ‘worthy’ of being given the chance to become an affiliate with our company. If you are, we will send you an email stating that fact, tell you that your month’s supply (2 bottles) of Royal Velvet is on the way, being shipped to you, and give you access to your new Affiliate Home Page where you can place/connect all your social media platforms together at your strategic income producing personalized home page.

NOTE: Just an FYI. IF you think after reading this, “Awe, they’ll never accept me as an affiliate”, then you are already defeated. If, on the other hand, as a go-getter, an entrepreneur, a hard working confident, self-motivated intelligent person that knows this IS, not only the best affiliate program in the world, but your 1st Class ticket to your goals, then you are already succeeding.