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.- Are you tired of being scammed, or promoting products that don’t work or sell?

– Are you finally ready to reach your health, financial and life goals?

– Do you want the opportunity to transform the lives of your followers?


Hello, my name is Tyler Segerstrom. I am the Affiliate / Social Media Manager

I am going to be brief, and to the point. I know your time is valuable. I am going to offer you what very well could be the opportunity of your lifetime. I’m very serious. I hope you are too. I, and my staff, have taken time to view your content. We’ve been scouring social media for like-minded Influencers. We are VERY picky. We absolutely love your page and think you have great communication skills and follower engagement. Just being honest, we have the best Affiliate Program in the world. Even you will agree once you see how we have set it up. It’ll change your Social Media experience for life. Our Affiliate Program is different than anything else available. It is geared to empower you to make a huge difference in the lives of your followers (great karma) and allow your dreams to come true. Due to the fact that we have the Secret Formula that Influencers need for Financial Success (see the link below). I think you will be excited to partner with us in this incredible opportunity.

Our goal as a company is to help people be in control of their own health by bringing their body back to homeostasis (balance), the way it was originally designed to be. Our goal for the Affiliate program is to work with honest, trustworthy influencers to make a huge difference in the lives of as many people as we can. We have worked on this program for years to ensure its success and the success of our affiliates. We are committed in making sure every affiliate will make $100,000 minimum, annually.

What we have is the Ultimate Nutrient-Dense, All Natural, Adaptogenic, Bio-hack superfood in the world. It is called Royal Velvet. Since it is an adaptogen, in simple terms it adapts to the person taking it, which means it works for everyone. (Your followers will be blown away with their life transformation, as will you.) Remarkably, Royal Velvet has hundreds of benefits, which every person experiences at least several of them. They include: better sleep, enhanced brain function, improved athleticism, increased energy, healthier skin, hair, and nails, dramatically improved physique (weight loss, increased muscle, body aesthetics…), heightened libido, repairs damaged tissues and organs, and yes, slows down and even can reverse the aging process. (Royal Velvet is touted as one of only a few ways you can actually reverse aging, in the best selling book on age reversal.)

What we offer you as a Royal Affiliate:

  1. 2 Free bottles of Royal Velvet a month. (Because that is how much we believe in our product. We do not only want to helps the lives of your followers but you as well).

2. Analytics and support on post engagement. (See what your followers respond to the most, whether it’s videos or pictures, what time of the day is the best for posting, etc.).

3. Tips and Guides to get the best response with your audience.

4.The chance to help people with one product that actually works.

5. We have The “Secret” formula for success (A consumable product that produces dramatic results. One that all people [young, old, male, female, etc.] and your followers will love. A product that you can truly believe in, which will help build quality, value and trust with your followers). A consumable monthly product that actually works, which in essence, means repeat customers. Our product has one of the highest retention rates of any supplement in the world. Many customers have been with us since we were founded in 1999 (20 years). And they say they will never stop taking Royal Velvet.

We have the best Commission plan (unlimited). You get paid on every single bottle you sell. If you get only 425 of your followers purchasing a months supply of Royal Velvet, you will receive $100,000+ in commissions annually. The sky’s the limit. 

6. Your own Affiliate Homepage and its URLYour homepage includes your bio, profile picture, and eventually your personal testimony if you become an Affiliate. It will also include all of your Social Media links (connecting your social media platforms all in one place).

7. A referral program. Sign up any of your friends that are influencers and receive $5 for any sales they should generate. $5,000 maximum per month, per affiliate. (Unlimited affiliate referrals).

8. We refrain from using “Discount codes” and Mailing lists. A lot of companies give you a discount code. When your follower purchases through their website, the company then captures their email and markets to them via their mailing list. They offer them more discounts and bundled deals behind your back. They are stealing your customers and this is what we call “the old discount code and capture scam”. This is one of many ways Influencers are being ‘used’ by unscrupulous companies. Note: If you have been frustrated as an Influencer with companies taking advantage of you, then our program is just right for you.

Again, we are looking for a near perfect fit for our Affiliate Program. It is not for everyone. Just a select few Influencers who have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to be apart of something bigger than themselves. Is this you?

We look forward to receiving your Affiliate application. You may start your journey here:

Thank you for your time. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I’m here for your support and there is no question I will not take the time to answer. 


Tyler Segerstrom

Affiliate / Social Media Manager 

Want to get the best experience as an Influencer?