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Austin Eames


My name is Austin Eames, currently living in Walnut Creek, California. I’ve enjoyed an active lifestyle, including swimming, water polo, snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking and surfing. As well, I am an avid musician, playing guitar and singing since age 14. After 1 year of college at Cuesta in San Luis Obispo, I chose to take music more seriously participating in choruses of three professional opera productions, Turandot, Il Travatore and Faust, meanwhile leading a reggae rock band for a duration of 8 years. I still currently play solo, and am currently working on solo material while continuing my music education online with Arizona State University. A keen interest in advancing my athletic and music ability led me to the holistic lifestyle, adopting a majority plant based lifestyle, immersing myself in dozens of great books from authors such as Deepak Chopra, David Wolfe, Kevin Trudeau, Rudolph Steiner, and Mantak Chia.

Curiosity and friends brought a consistent practice of yoga into my life, which currently is my favorite daily exercise in the snowboarding off-season. I feel incredibly blessed to have discovered and learned from the various teachers in this time period, and the list of influencers on my lifestyle now runs really deep at a ripe age of 30. Along with working for my familys’ hardware business in Oakland, California, I partnered as an independent distributer with multiple companies including Kannaway, Rain International, Extreme Energy Solutions, and Sacred Chocolate. Experience with this realm inspired  co-creation of my own chocolate product and holistic e-commerce website www.solsuperfood.comI continue to add my most prized holistic products, customized medicinal chocolates, and thought provoking blog posts here.





Royal Velvet has been a nutritional godsend, as it has allowed me to continue a majority plant based diet without sacrificing mental energy, stamina and body weight. One of the most amazing benefits of Royal Velvet I have personally noticed is the effect of energizing my body without stimulates, simultaneously grounding my mind body and spirit. I am fascinated by the knowledge and application of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Amazonian and Ayurvedic medicines. Of course deer antler velvet (Royal Velvet/PURE) is a vital, and highly prized medicinal tool in the TCM system. It has become an undying passion of mine to help vegans, vegetarians, and the vast array of people eating animal products to fill the gap missing within their diet, while maintaining respect to their concerns and preferences as a consumer. The most astounding benefits of the Royal Velvet products I have personally experienced are increased creativity, superior vocal health, and an almost unbelievable consistency in improvement with my guitar and piano skills hand-eye coordination. I take Royal Velvet with me everywhere, and thoroughly enjoy sharing it with my friends and family. This beautiful earth and its plant and animal kingdom are our blessings, and it is our responsibility as humans to protect.