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Blake gonzalez

B.G. Bio

My deepest devotion is to help people free themselves with the truth about the seven major conditions of the human body (Researched and Gifted to me by Blake Sawyer) and through fitness and breathing, ways in which we can charge our physical bodies for ultimate health, wealth and happiness. I’ve struggled with obesity, horrible eating habits and just an overall imbalance of the body and mind. Many years in my past, I have let the state of my body affect my overall ability to feel good. I now dictate the state of my body and am in control of how I feel all the time, through the tools I’ve been gifted. The taste of freedom has never been so refreshing.

I do the work of carpentry and really enjoy woodworking. I enjoy working out and sports of all kinds. I enjoy cooking, eating, hiking, running, taking my animals on long walks and just being outside in nature no matter the season. I love to spread and share my love for ” the homeostasis protocol” with other like minded people and, i really enjoy broadening other people’s horizon’s when it comes down to what the possibilities are for you and your body.







When I first heard about Royal Velvet, I was at a point of self judgement I had never been before been before. A little Less than half my body weight was due to overeating and lack of exercise. I also had a terrible self image and a poor mental attitude concerning the problems I was facing. I was always sick and always tired. I at the time started doing research on GMOs, high fructose corn syrup and many other toxic substances that I potentially ingested. The thought that I could be filled with something a good farmer wouldn’t give his cow was a very scary and uneasy thought for me. A week later after I made the decision to be done with putting harmful things into my body, I heard Royal Velvet on a radio show I listen to and I’ve never been the same since. I felt like a super charged up battery and now I feel like that all the time. I went from feeling tired all the time to waking up early to go on a run before school. I saw dramatic decreases in cravings for junk foods and weight started dropping. I am now at 165 lbs, a perfect weight for someone my size. My most notable effect is the sharpness and mental clarity I get when using it daily. I also feel elevated in my daily emotions and elasticity of the mind. This product is truly a gift from God.