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Christina Roberts


Hello! My name is Christina and I live in Clearwater, Florida with my amazing husband and two dogs. I am 51 years old and feel better than I have in years. Between my husband and I, we have 4 adult children between us, and four grandkids. Joining Royal Velvet as an affiliate is something that I would not normally do, but I have to say I’ve never believed in a product so strongly before.

Why? People literally ask me my age and never guess that I’m 51 with my youngest child being 27 years old. It’s become a little uncomfortable but keeps happening. In this day and age, women  have all the resources in the world for anti-aging, so I don’t think I’m anything special. However, what has been interesting for me is that now more than ever before, people ask about my age and what I do.

I’ve held a long-time interest in whole body health (body, mind, soul). Stress, aging, and environmental hazards sparked and my interest in skin health, natural beauty and renewed my interest in nutrition. While I have a strong background in education as a former Christian school principal and teacher, I also am a health coach and behavioral specialist focused positive behavioral support not only diet or nutrition, but behavioral changes that might affect the mind, body or spirit. You can’t just focus on the outside, it’s the inside that creates lasting changes.






I’ve never believed in a product so strongly before. 

Recently, while eating dinner out with my husband who is 62,  we were interrupted by a man in his late 30’s or early 40’s because his girlfriend made a bet about how old I was, thinking I was at least 10 years younger. Another example is that I was carded, thinking the bartender was joking, he wasn’t – he thought I was 35 and was serious.  I asked if I could record him saying that and save it! Women my age keep guessing my age… my hair-dresser told me it wasn’t fair because she had more wrinkles and she was in her 40’s… she said I looked younger than her. She kept asking me how it was possible. As this continues to happen, I feel prompted to tell people about Royal Velvet. I do formulate my own skin care line as a hobby business Pure Extremes Skin Care, some might say but I believe that when Royal Velvet was added into my routine that’s when the changes started happening —-within 4 months. 

  • My skin, hair and fingernail strength has returned.
  • Gray hair significantly reduced.
  • Weight loss support ( 45 pounds with nutrient dense food choices)
  • Joint mobility ( I could get up off the floor because of my knees creaking – now I can easily do P90X)
  • Hormonal balance (critical  – my menstrual cycle returned ) 
  • Sleep Quality –  I sleep better and don’t need as much!

I found Royal Velvet when I listened to Dr. Forsythe’s book  “Anti- Aging Secrets” on a cross country road trip and learned about the science.  I adopted many of his and other doctor recommendations, but mostly Royal Velvet. Initially, I looked into HGH shots  – that’s what all of the rich and famous do, but who can afford 400 dollars per month for shots. Royal Velvet stimulates your body to create HGH and youthful hormones. I am a believer, and I trust the manufacturer.  The supplement business is full of fraud, so be careful. There are many fake deer antler products out there, that don’t work. Royal Velvet is the only one I’ll use. Think about- downloading Dr. Forysythe’s book “ Anti Aging Secrets – Chapter 3” to learn more about it.  I feel fantastic and I hope you check out Royal Velvet too.