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colin litchfield

THP Affiliate

Colin Andrew Litchfield is the CEO & Founder of Relentless Digital Solutions, LLC. – A boutique interactive media agency providing online traffic and lead generation solutions for B2B and B2C companies. For nearly a decade Colin has been providing software as a service (SAAS) & founded Relentless Digital Solutions in 2017. From previously running a family owned vending machine business and growing with the evolution of the Internet as a millennial has produced a unique perspective and ability to understand client needs.

A proud American and entrepreneur, Colin enjoys capitalism as a creative outlet to collaborate, compete & win. Previously Colin has lead direct sales teams of over 1,100 associates with experience in several verticals such as health & wellness, securities, mortgage & insurance as well as being a seasoned independent sales professional (1099) in verticals such as Real Estate and Solar.

Additionally, Colin serves as a high school football coach going on his 7th year in 2019, 5 of which as the Defensive Coordinator for Christ’s Church Academy in Jacksonville, Florida. With an unwavering belief that the game of football is a microcosm of life, Colin is encouraged and fulfilled to equip his players with the discipline and skill to win on the field and in life.

 Food & fitness have always been of high interest to Colin. His search for the truth in regards to diet and nutritional information lead him to THP and Royal Velvet circa 2012. Living the highest quality life, free from disease and premature death is a cause Colin is proud to stand behind and promote as a Royal Affiliate.





2/18/19: As a person interested in optimal nutrition and “bio hacking” with an awareness of the negative effects of processed foods, GMO, fast food, etc. It was only natural for me to find Royal Velvet & THP. One day I found and read a PDF downloadable ebook called “The Homeostasis Protocol – Your Key To Divine Health” by Blake Sawyer. The book goes to explain the “7 Internal Environments” of the human body and how they should work together synergistically. I understood that God didn’t design the human body to have disease and we can mitigate or eliminate all disease through proper nutrition and maintenance of our bodies. In fact given the perfect environment disease can not existit just made sense to me and I began taking Royal Velvet shortly thereafter.

 I have experienced tremendous benefits from taking Royal Velvet.

 Two main benefits are:

  1. I quickly get to a deep sleep and feel great with only 5-6 hours of sleep per night.
  2. I enjoy sustained mental clarity & cognition throughout the day.

These two are priceless to me as they continually benefit me throughout my day and life. In fact, I laugh within knowing my secret weapon. I’ve never felt such mental clarity prior to Royal Velvet and I do not take any other supplements at all so I am certain Royal Velvet is responsible for my results.

Other benefits include strength, flexibility, excellent vision, athletic performance and an overall youthful appearance… at times people are shocked that I’m 36 years old. I am as strong, athletic and confident as ever. I rarely feel the empty stomach feeling because my nutritional needs are being met at the cellular level. I generally eat two bigger sized meals and take Royal Velvet spray 4 times daily.

I live an active & healthy lifestyle and also have a sweet tooth… I love to eat! However I don’t obsess over calories or any trending diets. I enjoy food and don’t fear negative results from overeating. I’m able to easily maintain my 5’9″ 165lb build with approximately 8 – 10% body fat. Other signs of health to note are that my dentist once told me that my bite is the best he has ever seen. And my physician told me that my pulse and blood work is near perfect. I’m blessed to be so healthy and am glad to effectively and efficiently take care of my nutritional needs with such ease. I do not recommend many things in this world but I do recommend this product to help meet your nutritional needs. I’m grateful to take this product and excited to share it with many. Thanks for reading my testimony and because you’re probably still skeptical, I highly encourage you to read Blake Sawyer’s book “The Homeostasis Protocol – Your Key To Divine Health”. It is a quick read and will open your eyes to truths that can help change your life. 




Best regards – Colin Andrew Litchfield