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DR. JerrY Polansky  M.D.

J.P. Bio

I am a physician/psychiatrist who even in my premedical school days eagerly sought out cutting edge methods to improve health and longevity.  Over the years I have studied stress/immune interactions, spiritual and meditative practices and sought out lesser known alternative health strategies for wellness and life extension.  While I value my medical education, over the years I have become more aware of the limitations and at times frank failures of traditional Western Medicine. I have continued to ask myself, “Why settle for taking medications with multiple significant side effects if there are natural and healthier disciplines, foods and supplements that will lead to a much more desirable result?” My current mission is to help you find the newest and  best anti-aging/health information so you can live YOUR OPTIMAL LIFE.




Before:                                                   After:

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2/10/2019   Since starting Royal Velvet Pure less than 3 months ago, people have been saying I look 10 years younger. While some would consider that a vanity reason, it’s but a drop in the bucket compared to the amazing overall health benefits I have experienced. I am 63 years old and I have always sought to do everything possible to be healthy; including exercising, taking supplements, eating well, as well as taking a proactive approach to my mind, body and spirit. 

However, I had many years of bad gastrointestinal problems with loose stools, gas and occasional bleeding, without a good explanation from any medical provider. Thirteen years ago, I suddenly came down with excruciating abdominal pain that put me in the hospital with a bowel blockage that required morphine in the ER. I was told after the colonoscopy that I might have to undergo a bowel resection and have a colostomy. After 8 days in the hospital on opioid pain killers I narrowly avoided the surgery, though it took me months to recover, having gone from 150 lbs to 95 lbs, and looking near death. It wasn’t till a year later, after I had returned to 150 lbs that a colonoscopy by a new physician revealed that I had Ulcerative Colitis (UC) of my colon, a condition closely related to Crohn’s Disease. Unfortunately, this disability led to the significant changing of my appearance, looking gaunt and losing muscle. Trying to do everything possible to get back to ‘normal’ was somewhat successful, yet the UC symptoms persisted for years, even with the latest/best UC medication. 

Within a couple of weeks of starting Royal Velvet, my UC symptoms began to decrease and after 3 months they were completely gone. I’m going to say that again, completely gone. You may find it difficult talking about going to the bathroom, but having normal bowel movements after years of daily suffering is wonderful beyond words. My life got a whole lot easier and healthier. I now can eat foods that I love without worrying that I would suffer. It simply does not happen anymore. I also believe that my colon absorbs the nutrients from food much better, so I can maintain a healthy weight. Also,I can now drink a small amount of red wine with a meal from time to time, which in and of itself helps my digestion.   

But the beneficial effects of Royal Velvet did not end with what I view as a cure of my UC after living with it for 35 years. I fall asleep right away and sleep soundly through the night, whereas I used to wake up a least once.  My energy level has noticeably increased. I wake-up early and go to the gym nearly every day. I do a full weight-lifting program and still have enough energy to do the rowing machine or the elliptical stepper afterwards.  My abdominal muscles have become more and more prominent as my belly fat goes down. And the recovery from my workouts seems much faster, with considerably less post workout body aches. 

My skin quality keeps improving: the wrinkles on my forehead have softened and it looks flatter and smoother. I have improved skin texture over all my body.  My beard and mustache also seem fuller. Friends say I have the youthful appearance of a man in his early 50s. I am blown away by all these improvements in just the first few months of using Royal Velvet and excited about what the future holds. My desire now is to share this with all my family, friends, and anyone who wants to live a vibrant, healthier life!