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John  short

J.S. Bio

John Short has spent years doing his own research on health and wellness. It all started at the most devastating time of his life. His dad had been sick for about 5 years with heart disease and had gone through a quadruple bypass surgery when he all of a sudden came down with cancer. The Chemotherapy was too much for him and he tragically died at the age of 70. It took John a long time to get over it but ever since that time he has been a sponge on the topic of health and wellness. He has done his own research for the past 14 years. He has read 100s of articles, watched 100s of videos, 100s of webinars on all kinds of topics from dieting, exercising, cleansing and fasting. He has also read many books and listened to many mp3 audios as well as podcasts to learn everything he could about living longer and anti-aging. During this time he tried many different products that were recommended for good health. That’s when he discovered Blake Sawyer and Royal Velvet on a radio show on youtube. It was the Kevin Trudeau show and Kevin interviewed Blake when John heard all the good things Royal Velvet could do and that there was no better source out there he had to have some Royal Velvet.






02/23/2019 My own experience with Royal Velvet has been totally awesome!! I’m 43 years old and have been playing guitar for most of my life. I remember being tired after shows and my knees hurt and this was when I was in my 30s!! Now I feel just as good at the end of a show as I do at the beginning! I feel younger, I still have my natural hair color, and I have 10 times more energy and endurance when performing and working out! I just joined a brand new Planet Fitness a few months ago and I thought I would be really sore and tired after working out. I‘m rarely ever sore and I’m gaining twice as much strength and muscle in half the time as I was back 15 years ago. I eat basically whatever I want but I try to keep it as close to as mother nature intended and exercise mainly for good health but also to look good on stage. My job for the last few years has been an outdoor physical job that requires hiking equipment though the wilderness which use to be very hard on my back and knees especially back when I first started trying to lose weight when I was 240 pounds. Now I weigh 207 and I’m in the best shape of my life. I come home and don’t even think about how much energy I’ve exerted that day!  I’d like to thank Blake Sawyer (CEO and Founder), and Tyler Segerstrom (Affiliate and Social Media Manager) for this wonderful opportunity this is so awesome!!