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The Royal Affiliates 

The Best Musclebear Product In The World

The Best Musclebear Affiliate Program In The World


First, I follow you on Instagram and love your IG posts.

This message is first and foremost about how I might help YOU; but I want you to know up front who I am and why I am contacting you.

I am a proud and openly gay musclebear. I also am a board-certified MD and licensed psychiatrist.

As a result of being at the right place at the right time, fate, good karma, or luck – take your pick, I discovered the most amazing natural health supplement in the world. Really. It’s called Royal Velvet.

I’ve met and talked with the man who formulated and developed Royal Velvet. Now HIS passion for helping people is definitely focused on those suffering from various diseases, pain, obesity, and brain ‘issues’. He’s also big on age reversal, longevity and a high quality of life. It was those things that first interested me in taking Royal Velvet, as I am in my mid 60’s and have had some major health issues. He told me because of what Royal Velvet is, or should I say what it contains and how it works in the body, it has hundreds of benefits. I was skeptical, to say the least.

But what I discovered within a few short months of taking Royal Velvet, as well as seriously looking at what it really does do for the human body, from my analytical, scientific, and medical perspective, I was amazed. Actually astonished. Not only did it completely cure me of Ulcerative Colitis, dramatically improve my sleep, and some other health problems, it cleared my skin to the extent that some say I look at least 10 years younger. All within a few months. And 7 months later, I am literally more excited about the quality of my life at this stage than I could have ever thought possible.

Incredibly, I was able to eliminate many of my prescription drugs, other ‘health supplements’, OTCs, and personal skin care products. Also, because I discovered that Royal Velvet feeds my cells the nutrients they need with its 1,000+ nutrients and 90+% delivery system directly into my bloodstream within seconds, my whole diet changed. I eat considerably less food, and cravings for “bad” stuff largely went away. Financially, this was a HUGE added bonus I didn’t even think possible; saving me hundreds of dollars a month.

BINGO. I stumbled across the ultimate musclebear product. Not only does it enhance what we all want (big, thick, dense muscles, lots of fur, strength, an impressive and exceptional libido, but also youth, vitality, and overall health.) But, as a physician, I’m used to seeing double-blind studies to ‘prove’ efficacy. Without such data, I decided to put this product to some preliminary tests.

I got a dozen extra bottles of Royal Velvet. Gave a month’s supply to a handful of people. Some were musclebears, a few were friends with MAJOR health problems that I, or the doctors they went to were unable to help.

Well, despite the fact that a couple people were slow to start, the results were nothing short of amazing. I promised you a short and pithy intro, but I HAVE to tell you what happened with my personal trainer. He’s a former successful, competitive bodybuilder. He was blown away with Royal Velvet. Same results I got. Yes, including all the improved libido “side effects”. He is so impressed with Royal Velvet that he ‘wants in on it’. So, the developer flew from Texas where he lives to Southern California where I live, and we all met together. The developer agreed to set up an affiliate program and work with us. My personal trainer is fully on board to get Royal Velvet in the hands of as many people as he can, for ALL of its benefits.

I, on the other hand, not only have a passion to help my clients and friends, but also ‘my people’. I want to make it available to musclebears and the entire gay community. I understand from my own experience, that not everyone will ‘listen’ to or believe in the health and financial benefits that Royal Velvet has to offer.  This is where YOU come in.

You are a musclebear, with a significant Instagram following. I know, I follow you! Whether you think of yourself as an “Influencer” or not, you are. And whether or not you believe in karma or universal brownie points, helping others live a higher quality of life is always the right thing to do. And whether or not you want to simply be a consumer of Royal Velvet, or become an affiliate and have extra income, the choice is yours.

Speaking of income, I am being totally honest with you when I say you can make a substantial amount of money using your influence on Instagram. 

Just FYI for example: If 425 of the guys following you on your Instagram, your other social media platforms, and friends purchased a month’s supply of Royal Velvet from your affiliate site, your annual commissions would be over $100,000. You’re smart. You can do the math. Getting just 200 fellow musclebears to purchase a month’s supply would give you annual commissions slightly under $50,000. However, with 1,000 musclebears ordering Royal Velvet through your affiliate homepage, you would bring in nearly a quarter of a million dollars in commissions ($250,000) annually. It IS an incredible opportunity. The health benefits and the good karma motivate me. But I admit the financial rewards are some really nice icing on the cake. 

Finally, I want you to know that my reputation, as a physician, is very important to me. Yes, I have used words that can be described as “superlatives” in referring to what Royal Velvet does. Honestly however, I only touched on the “tip of the proverbial iceberg” of just a few of the dramatic benefits that Royal Velvet provides. Case in point: Just recently I did a 1½ hour interview with a Multiple Sclerosis patient, that I have posted on my new YouTube Channel, The Biohacking Doc. Not only did she describe her miraculous reversal of this “incurable” disease, but she also told me about her family members and friends who have had various health problems as well. I am constantly discovering the incredible healing, reparative, and brain benefits that Royal Velvet has to offer.

Like you, I am bombarded with “offers” all the time. If I were you, I would wonder what the motivation or reason is behind me reaching out to you. I assure you, that my desire to help and heal others and as in my Hippocratic Oath, to also relieve suffering, is what motivates me to share this with you. I also want to provide you with the OPPORTUNITY that empowers you with a better life, both physically and financially. It would give me great joy and satisfaction to know that you and other guys who become affiliates are able to have the same opportunity for increased health, wealth, and musclebeardom that I have.

NOTE: The number one question(s) I get from my musclebear buddies is: “What is it? Do you inject it? How much does it cost?” All those questions, and more are answered in the following link. But for those excited about the prospects of transforming into a musclebear stud as soon as possible, here is the briefest, yet informative response I can give you.

Royal Velvet is a proprietary antler velvet product, (no other company in the world has ANYTHING like it; as a physician, I researched this. It is not a steroid, though it does stimulate your own natural hormones that cause growth. It is a liposomal spray, that you simply place three sprays directly into your mouth (under your tongue) four times per day (takes less than 4 minutes per day to use, out of your 1,440 daily minutes. Real easy.) Has relatively no taste. (But there is a sweet/lemon flavored version if that rocks your boat.) The 1,000 plus life-enhancing nutrients are in your bloodstream in less than one minute. The recommended adult dosage is 3 sprays 4 times per day (always one dosage of 3 sprays right before bedtime – for dramatically improved brain function). The cost for two bottles per month is less than $125 (free shipping and handling in the USA.) But, like I said, besides the increase in muscle, hair, loads, and libido, because it is the most nutrient-dense food in the world, and repairs and balances your organs and systems, you’ll most likely save hundreds in groceries, other supplements, medical bills, prescriptions, OTCs and more. So it actually PAYS you to take it! I know, mind-boggling huh?

Click on the link below that says “Interested in knowing more about Royal Velvet?

Musclebears who are interested in making big bucks through their social media sites, friends, or related businesses, ask me all sorts of questions. From how easy it is, how much time it takes, if the company has great support… Amazingly, all these questions, and more, are answered on the Royal Affiliate home page, which is in the link below. I might add that I do NOT make any commissions or income off of you becoming an affiliate. This is NOT multi-level marketing. Though I do NOT consider myself an expert in making money through social media, I do believe the affiliate program has been thoroughly researched, thought out, and fine-tuned to be the best affiliate program out there. It’s an opportunity of a life-time, for someone who has an entrepreneurial spirit and a fairly loyal social media following.

Click on the link below that says, “Interested in extra income, as a Royal Affiliate?

I look forward to hearing about your amazing transformation from taking Royal Velvet.

Pic of me.

Spike in San Diego.

Interested in knowing more about Royal Velvet?

Interested in purchasing Royal Velvet for your personal use?

Interested in extra income, as a Royal Affiliate?