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The Royal Affiliates Minimums

PLEASE take time to read (and reread, if necessary) this VERY IMPORTANT information.


The Healthy Protocol’s Royal Affiliate Program is forced to have minimum requirements due to several factors.


Minimums are established every 3 months (approximately 90 days) from the date you received your home page. Therefore, for example, if you received your home page on February 14th, your first minimum requirement would be on May 14th (all bottles sold between April 15th and May 14th). Your 6 month minimum requirement would be on August 14th (all bottles sold between July 15th and August 14th), and so on. Every 3 months (approximately 90 days) there will be a new minimum.


Minimums are the number of BOTTLES of Royal Velvet or Royal Velvet PURE that are sold through your (Royal Affiliate) home page in the last month (30 days) of the minimum requirement period.



Here are the reasons we require minimums:


1) The reality is: there are thousands, and even tens of thousands of Influencers who will want to be a Royal Affiliate. (Some are already “beating down the door” to become a Royal Affiliate as the word gets out.) This is, after all, the best affiliate program in the world. We need to limit the number of affiliates to those who best fit our philosophy.


2) We are already working out (within the first week of launching The Royal Affiliate Program), having to turn down a substantial amount of applicants.


3) The amount of raw material available to manufacture Royal Velvet and Royal Velvet PURE is extremely limited. There is only enough material (through the annual harvest) to manufacturer enough for 100,000 customers (world-wide) at 2 bottles per customer, per month.


4) We do NOT KNOW the details (personality, goals, ability, engagement of followers, etc.) about any affiliate when we first approve them. Though our application does have a minor vetting process, we need to discover several things about an affiliate to know if they are a good fit for our affiliate program.


5) We cannot afford to hire hundreds of staff members to manage affiliates who do not perform well, putting us in the position of losing money. This would harm (financially and reputation) the affiliates who are doing a great job and working hard.


6) We believe in rewarding hard work, entrepreneurship, and those who follow our suggestions and recommendations for success in our affiliate program. There is no room for those who do not take this seriously.


The minimums are subject to change. We are posting, in advance, the minimums for the initial 3 months and 6 months. You will be advised what the next 3 month minimums are during the last month of your 3 month cycle. For example, if your 6 month minimum requirement was August 14th, you would be advised during the first two weeks of August what the 9 month minimum requirement is. And so forth. Minimums will always be posted here, on this web page.




We believe in treating all of our Royal Affiliates with respect and fairness. However, it is obvious that there are some affiliates who are going to stand out above the rest for various reasons. Including matching our philosophy of helping others, doing the recommendations we suggest for being successful as a Royal Affiliate, and those who truly network with our company. (Recommending their followers like us on our Facebook page, follow us on Instagram, etc.)


NOTE: Making exceptions to our minimum requirements will NOT be a common practice.




We will give an affiliate a ‘warning’ or two, in the event that they are falling short of the minimum requirements, days or weeks in advance. We will make recommendations for the affiliate to help them reach the minimum goals. But it is up to the affiliate to implement our suggestions, use our tools, and communicate well with their followers.


An affiliate can be terminated at any point in time for various infractions (according to our contract). We will do everything possible to make the transition from being a Royal Affiliate to no longer being an affiliate smooth, easy, and mutually beneficial to the affiliate, the affiliates’ followers, and to us.




We are firm believers in rewarding hard work, entrepreneurship, and those who follow our suggestions. As stated on our Royal Affiliate website, we will periodically give additional bonuses to those Royal Affiliates that go above and beyond.


 Current Minimums


@ 3 months is 75 bottles


@ 6 months is 150 bottles


NOTE: As stated on this webpage, the minimums are for the number of bottles sold from your home page for the final 30 days of that period (each 3 month period).