Within the next few minutes, you MAY be given the opportunity of a lifetime. It’s totally true.

This is NOT a scam. It’s the real deal. But first…

To save you time, and save us frustration, here is what you need to know up front:

Answer Three Questions

  1. Do You think of yourself as a “go-getter”? Meaning: You work hard to accomplish your life goals, knowing it is the right thing to do.
  2. Do You believe in “karma”? Meaning: That good things come to those that are good, living life with acts of kindness, compassion, and helping others. And bad things come to selfish, “evil” people. It’s called The Golden Rule.
  3. Do You daily seek and yearn for a better/improved life: financially, physically, mentally, and spiritually?

If you said “no” to ANY of the above questions, stop reading, and go about your life. Honestly, we are NOT interested in offering you this opportunity. Really, you’ll just be wasting our time, and yours.


If you said “yes” to all of the above questions, keep reading. But you are not “there” yet. This opportunity is only for a select few. VERY special people. Those that are only into a win/win/win situation. (You win, we win, and your followers definitely win.)

If, by chance, you not only said “yes” to all of the above, but your heart skipped a beat, got excited, and thought “wow, this sounds like me, but I am so skeptical”, then YOU ARE the type of person we are looking for.

Now, to quickly help you out with your skepticism, grasp ahold of this:


Skepticism is a good thing. WHY? There’s lots of scams and dishonest people out there looking to rip us all off. They have no morals, ethics, and don’t believe in the Golden Rule. We know. We deal with them too. Have for 40 years.

However, reality is even a better ‘thing’. WHY? Here’s why:

Imagine holding the winning lottery ticket. No, really. THINK ABOUT IT. How WOULD you react? What WOULD you say? Probably something like: “This can’t be happening!”” I don’t believe it.” “I must be dreaming!”

But you ARE holding the winning lottery ticket. IF you don’t ACT upon it (turn it in for millions of dollars), it’s worthless. Don’t think it happens? Billions of dollars in US lottery tickets have gone UNCLAIMED. Billions, of dollars, that COULD have transformed people’s lives. WHY?

Too busy.
Not being aware.
Thinking they’ll “check the numbers” later.

You’re smart. You get the picture! Now at the end of this, we are going to come full circle on your skepticism. Which again, is a good thing. But now on to REALITY.

Here’s REALITY: We have developed the best affiliate program in the world. Best means a lot of things. But it is best for everyone involved. As we stated earlier, a WIN/WIN/WIN. You, us, and your followers, fans, family, friends, fellow co-workers… Our affiliate home page EXPLAINS, intelligently, and thoroughly, WHY our affiliate program IS the best in the world. We are going to ask you to take the time to look at it at the end of this information.

Again, as stated before, ANYTIME you feel this is not right for you, PLEASE, stop reading, there’s no reason to waste your time. We firmly believe this is for a select few, and ONLY want the right/best people as Royal Affiliates. We are limiting the number of affiliates to around 100. Not unlimited like 99% of all other affiliate programs, with their 10% codes and sometimes less than honorable policies.

Here is what you want to know more than anything: the overall game plan.

  1. You finish reading this introduction page, and you are still excited about the opportunity.
  2. You go to our affiliate home page (link provided below) and spend the appropriate amount of time perusing the information. This gives you a total grasp on WHY this is the opportunity of a lifetime.
  3. You fill out the application to become a Royal Affiliate. Takes around 5 minutes.
  4. If you are approved, we send you a month’s supply of Royal Velvet (2 bottles). (MSRP cost is $79.95 per bottle.) Royal Velvet IS the most life-changing natural supplement in the world. Importantly, the KEY to success in the MMA-fighter world.
  5. You receive your very own personal Royal Affiliate home page. Which includes your picture, short bio, personal testimony of what Royal Velvet has/is doing for you. This is where your followers purchase Royal Velvet, for considerably less than anywhere else they can get it, even directly from us. (Yea, we REALLY go all out for our affiliates.)
  6. You take Royal Velvet consistently for one month. You WILL be blown away by the results. It “works” for everyone. There ARE (LITERALLY) hundreds of benefits. We will not mention them all here. However, here is how Royal Velvet effectively MEETS the Top 10 Most Important Needs for every MMA Fighter.

Top 10 MMA Fighter’s Needs Met TOTALLY By Royal Velvet

That title may SEEM like an unbelievable statement, but it is absolutely true. The 10 MAIN NEEDS for ANY martial arts – combat fighter (MMA, UFC, cage fighting, Bellator, Grappling, Cage Warriors, Boxing, Wrestling, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Karate, Judo, Krav Maga, Tai Chi, …) are ALL amply supplied to the fighter using just ONE PRODUCT: Royal Velvet.

And truth be told, Royal Velvet ALSO has scores of other benefits, with NO harmful side effects.

For the 25 TYPICAL benefits of Royal Velvet, click here.

Hundreds of athletes in dozens of sports testify – Royal Velvet was the single most significant factor in their dramatic athletic improvement that allowed them to go from: amateur to pro, 2nd string to 1st string, high school to college, college to pro, unknown to famous, poor to rich, average physique to jaw-dropping physique as well as win Olympic Gold, the Super Bowl and too many accolades to mention.

Why? Because Royal Velvet can accomplish what no other product (or dozen products, for that matter) can do.

This secret/powerful one-of-a-kind product, Royal Velvet, is THE CRUCIAL KEY that will advance you quicker than ANY other single thing, or even several things, you can do. There is NO product anywhere in the world that can compete or accomplish the dramatic results that Royal Velvet produces.

The EVIDENCE is overwhelming.
The FACTS are indisputable.
The RESULTS are jaw dropping.
The PROTECTION of your brain and body is real.
The TESTIMONIES are true.
The LIVES are CHANGED. YES, fame and fortune can be yours.
AND…a quality life AFTER your career, can be a reality.

Royal Velvet, due to its 90+% absorption of over 1,000 life-changing nutrients (in your bloodstream within 45 seconds through its liposomal delivery system), can provide the following NOTICEABLE benefits:

  1. Incredibly fast reaction time (analyzing your opponent’s moves), lightning speed, dramatic hand-eye coordination (land kicks and punches exactly where you want them) quickness, superior brain function, decision making in split seconds, noticeable improvement in reaction time.
  2. Imposing strength, potent power, compulsive force, coercive might, incomparable dominance. Overwhelm your opponent with unbeatable strength.
  3. Exceptional endurance, remarkable stamina, persistent fortitude, significant tenacity. Be as energetic in the last round as you are in the first.
  4. Super lean – ideal body mass for your weight class, ultimate pound for pound power. (MMA has evolved – no more big muscle men win, the lean, mean, fighting machines win.)
  5. Super-dense muscles. (Would you rather punch a ‘soft’ target or a solid brick wall?) Bust up/wreck your opponents’ hands with a solid rock-hard body.
  1. Brain protection, concussion recovery. Start the match with a superior, healthy, optimally functioning brain and see who wins. Avoid more blows, but also TAKE blows with less impairment.
  2. Significant, notable, quick repair of damaged body tissues and injuries. Recover quicker and more completely after training or competition. Super-fast healing.
  3. Thicker, denser bones, skeletal strength, through bone morphogenic protein synergistically improving the skeletal system with the other 1000+ nutrients.
  4. Unrivaled motivation, unequalled mental stamina, exceptional effort, tenacious training. (According to “experts”, MMA is more mental than physical.) BE the ALPHA. Possess THE Winning Attitude. Confidence. Desire. Drive. Determination.
  5. Overall outstanding health, nearly limitless libido, exceptional immune function, sickness/infection prevention, and more.

Royal Velvet is the world’s most powerful and life-changing nutrient-dense SUPERFOOD.

Since Royal Velvet is the MOST performance enhancing product in the world, the first question athletes ask is: Is it legal (in my sport.) Our response is two-fold.

  1. Because Royal Velvet is nutrient dense FOOD, there is NO KNOWN test for the use of Royal Velvet in a human. Performance enhancing drugs, like synthetic testosterone (steroids), synthetic erythropoietin (EPO or Epoetin), synthetic hGH, synthetic IGF-1, etc. ALL can be tested BECAUSE they ARE man-made synthetic drugs (with markers.) Again, though Royal Velvet does all of the aforementioned things that synthetic drugs do, because it is a natural food, NOT a man-made synthetic, it cannot be tested for in the human body.
  2. There ARE sports that have “banned” IGF-1 and/or “antler velvet” products. Interestingly, thousands of athletes in these sports (amateur, professional and Olympic) ignore the ban, for two reasons. First, they know no testing will show use of Royal Velvet and second, without the benefits that Royal Velvet supplies, they wouldn’t be able to compete, recover, and excel in their sport.
How do we know that Royal Velvet ALONE will do ALL of these amazing things for EVERY combat fighter? How do we know that there are no tests that any sport can test their athletes for Royal Velvet?

The fact is: nearly every athlete on Royal Velvet has testified to these truths. High school, college, amateur, Pro, Olympic, and everything in between. Our athlete clients have time and time again attested to the remarkable benefits of Royal Velvet, through authentic proof, corroboration of evidence, and substantial verification of results.

Here are but two, real-life examples. Even though these ARE truthful and honest accounts, we NEVER give the names of our clients (from movie stars, the rich and famous, and professional athletes.) We have a list of some of our famous athlete’s accomplishments, but we never violate the privacy of any of our clients by sharing their names UNLESS they give us permission.

About 15 years ago, an Olympic coach (who had nearly all of his athletes on Royal Velvet, with outstanding results), asked us to “take on” an ‘up and coming’ boxer. At the time, (I remember vividly) he was ranked nearly at the bottom of the rankings in his division (between 300 and 400). From the time he started taking Royal Velvet for the next few years, he never lost a fight. And he scheduled several (the max) per year. He ended up being ranked 14th in the world before we parted ways (he had a major attitude problem, and we choose to no longer help him, to put it politely.) After that, he lost 3 or 4 fights in a row, and quit the sport. Before Royal Velvet he struggled, and after he quit taking Royal Velvet, he stumbled big time. With Royal Velvet he was unbeatable.

Moral of the story: don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

Recently, a relatively well known “combat fighting” coach (again, to protect his privacy, we do not give you his name), told us he had to video tape one of his mma “students” because he had become so fast, so quick, in all of his movements from taking copious amounts of Royal Velvet, that it was almost incomprehensible. He had to view the video tape in slow motion to see how fast, powerful, and accurate every punch, kick, and duck really were. He was completely blown away by the dramatic effects Royal Velvet had on his “student”.

Which bring us to RIGHT NOW, you have a couple of choices. You can ignore the opportunity we are offering you. That is your prerogative. Maybe you do not believe that you are reading this right now because some greater force in the world led you to this truth and help. Again, it is YOUR choice.

Or, IF you are bold, intelligent, and wise, experience Royal Velvet. Sure, be skeptical. We said it IS a good thing. Remember, Royal Velvet costs you nothing as a Royal Affiliate. Let it take you to your goals, and beyond. As a Royal Affiliate, the financial rewards can be nearly unlimited. How so?

Here, for example, is the REALITY of The Royal Affiliate commission structure:

For every 100 followers, from your social media accounts, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blog, vlog, podcast… and/or friends, family, fellow athletes, workout partners, co-workers… that purchase a month’s supply of Royal Velvet from your personal Royal Affiliate home page, your commission is $24,000 annually. For those entrepreneurial types, that really want to make a quality living, think about this: Just 425 people purchasing a month’s supply of Royal Velvet for a year will give you over $100,000 in commissions annually. You can do the math, up or down. And our support and tools to help you achieve YOUR ultimate goals, are second to none.

We are unlike every other affiliate program

We hate to be redundant, but it needs to be said again:

UNLIKE every other affiliate program out there, we are COMPLETELY and ENTIRELY different. We are ONLY taking on around 100 affiliates, not thousands or an unlimited number. There is not enough raw material in the world to provide all the people who want a month’s supply of Royal Velvet every month. Not even one in a thousand.

Therefore, we are only looking for moral and ethical entrepreneurial minded individuals that have a very similar philosophy of life, (explained on our Royal Affiliate home page.) It is the best affiliate program in the world. We want to ensure that nearly every affiliate makes at least $100,000 a year within the first year of joining. NOTE: If you are not willing to take the time to read and peruse our Royal Affiliate home page, then we are not interested in having you apply to become an affiliate. WHY? Because 90+% of the questions you have, will be answered on that page. ALSO, you will then KNOW FOR SURE, that this IS the opportunity of a lifetime AND with-out-a-doubt the best affiliate program in the world. For those that are NOT meant to be a Royal Affiliate (for whatever reason), this is a vetting process, to weed those people out. We’re just being upfront and honest here.

However, if you chose to not explore The Royal Affiliate opportunity, you currently have the opportunity to become a client and purchase Royal Velvetuntil we reach APEX (when all the Royal Velvet we can manufacture is “spoken” for.) That is when any “new” customers seeking to purchase Royal Velvet will be placed on a waiting list.

So, what are you waiting for?

Are you going to pass up the Holy Grail to your success?


Or are you going to take the time to see if you are one of the few, the intelligent, the perceptive… to click on one of the links below and use Royal Velvet to radically increase and intensify your athletic ability to achieve the goals you so desperately want?

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