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Randy Eshleman

Top 25 typical benefits

  • A dramatic increase in energy, endurance, and stamina.
  •  Deeper, more restful sleep. Feel vitalized upon awakening.
  •  More youthful appearance. Less wrinkles. Smoother skin.
  •  Improved mental clarity, intelligence, and memory.
  •  Fewer aches and pains, stiffness, immobility.
  •  Improved body tone. (Fat loss and increased musculature.)
  •  Less depression. More joy – sense of well being. Handle stress better.
  •  Increased libido. Better, more satisfying love-making.
  •  Relief from ailments or health problems.
  •  Increased athletic performance and skill.
  •  Improved hearing, eyesight, taste, smell, and feeling.
  •  Improved cardiac function.
  •  Increased bone density, strength, and health.
  •  Prevention of injury through stronger bodily functions.
  •  Quick wound healing and recovery when an injury does occur.
  •  Efficient cellular function for dramatic slowing down of the aging process.
  •  Reduced hunger pains, cravings, and addictions.
  •  Increased immune function.
  •  Thicker healthier hair, more natural hair color.
  •  Healthier and thicker nails.
  •  Hormonal balancing, especially for women.
  •  Absence of seasonal allergies and ailments.
  •  Improvement in blood sugar levels.
  •  Increased job skills, creativity, and performance.
  •  Savings of a small fortune. Save at least $200 per month on food, drugs, supplements, medical bills, and lost work. How?

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Royal Velvet



TESTIMONY: RANDY E. (02/27/2019)
Hi. I want to share with everyone the amazing product that I have been taking. This product is called “Royal Velvet” and it is a Life Changer. Prior to taking Royal Velvet, I would always need a constant caffeine supply throughout the day, just to function. I would wake up and drink coffee first thing in the morning, then I would drink at least two energy drinks after that. I was like this for many years.  The first week I took Royal Velvet I noticed that I no longer craved caffeine. It was Life Changing for me. I also suffered from insomnia. I noticed an immediate improvement in my sleep with Royal Velvet. I also noticed increased strength and endurance at the gym. It has also reversed the aging process and I now look younger. I noticed within about a month of taking Royal Velvet that my fine lines and wrinkles on my face and around my eyes have actually lessened. This is by far the best supplement I have ever taken in my life! The benefits are too long to even describe. I urge everyone to take this powerful, natural superfood. 
The benefits are Amazing! I can honestly say that this Product has helped my life in the following ways:
– Increased Energy
– No More Caffeine
– Increased Alertness
– Better Quality Sleep
– Increased Strength & Endurance
– Far Less Wrinkles
– More Positive Attitude & Happier