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Rebecca Whitehall


Who would be interested in living a long, healthy, energetic and vibrant life? I am Rebecca Whitehall.  I found the key to revitalizing my life and others. As a health coach and author, I help people master their own power through revitalizing their energy fields around their body.  I found that the strength of the energy fields and the severity of the blocks embedded in the fields was an indicator of a person’s health physically, intellectually, and spiritually.  

As I cleared my own blocks and re-energized my energy fields, I found a renewed sense of youthfulness and vitality I hadn’t experienced for many years.  This new found energy allowed me to fully engage with the people I love and activities again, such as exercise, 4-6 hour walks in nature, writing, and helping others through my energy healings and health coaching.  

I feel blessed that my goal to live a long healthy, energetic, vibrant, radiant life has become a reality.  Now I want to extend this to others who would like to live their life to the fullest no matter what their age.






Royal Velvet is one of those amazing products. Prior to taking this product, I felt consistently tired and drained.  Even getting the dishes done was a chore. Just couldn’t get rid of that foggy, unfocused feeling.  The turning point in my life was when I started taking Royal Velvet. Overnight, I began to feel a dramatic increase in energy to the point of breezing through the daily chores of hand washing dishes, making meals, and completing work. Whether it was cleaning the house, paperwork, or writing my book, it suddenly seemed to be simple and easy.  I even shifted from exercising at the gym periodically to three to four days a week.  

Royal velvet has not only improved my energy, stamina, and health, but my emotions.  As a person that practices positive thinking, I still found more often then I liked times when my thoughts would stray to lack or low self-worth.  Now those thoughts have packed their bags for good. I am so excited about life. I jump into each day creating the life I desire for myself and my family, thanks to this fabulous product, Royal Velvet.