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Refunds and Returns

You can return any product, unused, undamaged, sealed, in original packaging WITHIN 30 days of the ORIGINAL purchase, and we will refund your money for the product you purchased. In order for you to do this, we need you to CALL our customer service department to receive a RAN (Return Authorization Number). You may call from 8am to 4pm Monday through Friday, Central time. 512-263-2420.

*Without a RAN, we do NOT issue refunds.*

This is necessary, due to many factors. There are legal rules we have to follow, both federal and state, in relationship to commerce. Then there is the fact that so many people do not read or want to comply with our Refund and Return policy. This avoids customers attempting to send back product that is either not refundable or to help them understand the details in which to receive the refund (such as a refund on the credit card charged, which information we need for the refund).

NOTE: The return policy is valid for your very FIRST (called ORIGINAL) order only. There are NO refunds on foreign orders. If you want to return any product for a refund that is from a second, third, fourth… order, there are NO refunds.

Please do not purchase Royal Velvet, or any of our products, if you really do not want it. 

NOTE: *Again, without a RAN, we do NOT issue refunds.*



We are a moral and ethical company. We are fair in all our dealings, and here to help anyone and everyone live a higher quality of life. We do not cheat or steal from anyone. Nor do we permit anyone to cheat or steal from us.

We consider chargebacks to be the most criminal act that you can commit. It is theft. Stealing. Immoral. And causes huge problems that you simple are most likely not aware of. If you have ANY problems or issues with our company, we are available to talk about it during our normal business hours, and we will return calls left on our answering service.

Should you issue a chargeback without contacting us first, no matter what the reason, we will pursue you to the fullest extent of the law. It is theft.

You agree to our policy that NO credit card chargebacks are allowed. Should you issue a credit card chargeback to our company, you are liable for up to $500 in attorney’s fees, court costs, and administration fees.