Rick Grainger

R.g.  Bio

Hello there,

My name is Rick Grainger. I am a husband, (step)father, and grandfather. I also own a wedding and portrait photography business and have been a professional photographer for almost thirty years. In addition, I also work a full time job for a mid-sized company. So, in a word ….. busy. Although I’m in my mid- fifties, I still remain active and push myself to be as productive as I can be in all aspects of my life. A workaholic? Possibly, but maintaining balance is also something I strive for everyday as well.

My passions are photography and nature. When not working at my job or shooting a wedding or portrait session, my wife and I can frequently be found at a state or national park hiking and photographing this beautiful world we all share.

Being healthy and staying active are extremely important to me as is maintaining a sharp mind. The quality of my work and my life depend on it.





2/24/2019: Since working both a business and a full time job, I noticed that I was wearing down both physically and mentally and not recuperating the way I wanted. I was so afraid that the quality of my work was going to suffer; or that I would be too exhausted to spend quality time with my five year old granddaughter. I have been taking Royal Velvet for about a month now. I have noticed that I have more mental clarity at my job and can push myself harder at weddings physically. The quality of my photography seems to have improved as I’m more alert to details. In the past week I have traveled to Tuscaloosa, Alabama and photographed a large event (several hours on my feet moving from activity to activity), driven to Nashville, Tennessee twice for family, worked my full time job, and photographed a wedding about an hour from my home. Normally, I would be puttering around sore and exhausted; but today I woke up invigorated and feeling accomplished. Even back ten years ago, I would not have felt this good after tackling all of that. I’m excited for what the future holds.