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sharon Boniek


I am a wife, mother of 7, a grandmother of 27, and a great grandmother of 24 and counting.  We raised our children in the country.  We had our own vegetable garden, fruit trees, a cow and goats for milk, and our own meat animals.  I realize it is different now.  Even with good, nutritious eating, we need to supplement our diets.

I have been an artist, a musician, a teacher and, after our children were raised, a business woman. I have always strived to be healthy and to help others toward good health.  I am in my 82nd year and do not have to go to a doctor or take drugs.  I believe my body can be in divine health.  I have made it a life-long study of what are healthful foods and good supplements for a quality life well into my “golden years.”  My continued goal is to help others realize their own potential toward the best of health.






02/21/2019  God gave us a fantastic body, which, if well cared for, will keep us healthy and happy for a lifetime..  To that end I  have studied what it takes to be in divine health.  When I learned of Blake Sawyer’s Royal Velvet, I knew I had found the ultimate health product to help me towards that goal.  Then I got his book The Homeostasis Protocolthe Key to Divine Health and studied it.  I have read, underlined and highlighted the advice in his book on my road to that divine health.   My bottle of Royal Velvet sits on my counter where I can use it several times a day.  If I feel a bit weary, another 4 sprays gets me going again. The delivery system makes the availability of this product work quickly and efficiently.

I also use the Royal Sleep and find I rest well every night. Peaceful rest is essential for good health.  3 sprays at bedtime gives me that rest.

The Royal Chlorella is also one of my supplements.  This chlorella is very high in vitamins and minerals essential to my health.  This chlorophyll product has a magnesium molecule at the center of it.  Magnesium is essential, especially for my age to keep my heart healthy.  Besides many other benefits, Chlorella, often called the Brain Food, helps to keep my mind sharp, my thinking and memory clear.

In Blake’s The Homeostasis Protocol book I learned of the importance of good water.  We know we are to drink a lot of water for good health. However not all water is the same. I learned alkaline/ionized water is the best to detoxify and oxygenate the body.  For that purpose, I purchased the Healthy Protocol Melody Alkalizer/Ionizer unit to give me the very best water for optimal health.

The products from The Healthy Protocol are so easy to take for that divine health we all desire, but most of all these products do what needs to be done for that desired anti-aging we all wish for.