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Tami Young


Tami Young is the CEO and founder of HeartGiftHealing and a certified Emotion Code Practitioner.  She has been working with people helping them release emotional baggage since 2015.  She graduated from Brigham Young University Provo with a Bachelor’s of Science, majoring in Family Science with a minor in photography from Brigham Young University in Idaho.  

Married to her wonderful husband with 6 beautiful children, 5 still at home, she keeps herself busy working her business part time while managing the workings of a family and household. 

She enjoys the pursuit of continued education through books and online classes and enjoys traveling and camping with her family and friends. 

Her passion to empower people with the truth about health in order to live their highest quality of life possible, free from disease and emotional baggage, is what fuels her.  Supporting people in clearing out the emotional in order for them to heal the physical and gain more joy in their lives is her #1 goal.  Having taken Royal Velvet now for over 8 years Tami has a personal testimony of this product and how it has helped her and her family’s health.  She has found that true health includes three key components, our emotional health (releasing emotional baggage), our nutritional health (getting all the vitamins and minerals that we need with the help of Royal Velvet) and water, making sure we are hydrated at the cellular level (with electrically restructured hydrogen rich water).





I was fortunate enough to find Royal Velvet over 8 years ago just before my 5th child was born. Shortly after she was born I found myself needing surgery. With the help of Royal Velvet, however, after the surgery I was amazed that I didn’t need any pain meds. The doctor and nurses kept coming in post op asking me if I needed pain medication. I felt some pain but not enough in my opinion to need any pain medication. My healing recovery after surgery was also very fast. My doctor was stunned at each post op check up at how great I felt and how fast I was healing. Even my stomach scar from the surgery was healing and disappearing very quickly. In the past I’ve had a few issues with blood clots, but since being on Royal Velvet I haven’t had any circulation issues since. With Royal Velvet I sleep very deeply and feel energy throughout the day. I feel no need for that mid day nap. I’ve also noticed that when taking Royal Velvet my endurance is surprising.  Even if I’m not exercising or working out I can still climb stairs and hike without getting winded and I find I have lots of energy to spare. I won’t live without Royal Velvet. It’s my all in one nutritional supplement!! Three sprays under the tongue 2 to 4 times a day and I feel incredible.