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Terry Jones

T.J. Bio

Terry currently resides in Phoenix Arizona and is a avid advocate for healthy living and healthy eating habits.  She is currently a member of Try Vegan and is an advocate for the Healthy Protocol Homeostasis.  She is a graduate of Arizona State University and holds a Bachelors of Art degree in Elementary Education, with a minor in English and Anthropology. She has been an active publisher of the Good News as one of Jehovah Witnesses for 28 yrs. Her hobbies include quilting, cooking, sewing, football  and spending time with her family. She has one granddaughter, and is expecting a grandson in the summer. Currently she works for Synchrony Financial, and is a Food and Cooking Consultant for Pampered Chef.
Over the past 5 years she has helped many to change their life habits for eating and to become more proactive in making decisions about their health and evaluating other options for diet, exercise, and vegan lifestyle food options. Her motto in life is to learn what God requires of us and live it , and eat to live to the age of 100 yrs.  In this quest for a good life, and healthful living,  she found ROYAL VELVET!!






2/17/19  Since using ROYAL VELVET, I must admit, that I have seen my body start to change in my sleep patterns.  I actually sleep better than I did when I was in my teens.  I noticed good things with my stages of life going from pre and post menopause, and the transition was very smooth and when my friends were going through many diseases, and medical operations…mines was just as it should have been. 
My doctor also has been asking me what has been controlling my diabetes without medication as my AC1 was at 7 (pre diabetic).  It is now in the range of 5 and back to normal.  I have lost over 30 lbs just by following the Healthy Protocol diet and taking Royal Velvet and without strenuous exercise.  Additionally it has helped me to eat less and put the proper nutrition in my body. I have seen changes in the growth of my hair, the anti aging affects on my body, and I firmly believe that every human on earth and even your pets should be on a consistent regime of Royal Velvet as today’s food and water supply is so toxic and polluted. We are destined to die sooner if we don’t take responsibility of our food and water intake.  Just as the Bible is our spiritual food that we must take in daily, Royal Velvet should be our nutritional supplement for the longevity of life that must be consumed daily to bring our bodies in line to last for 100 years.  Many have said  I look so young for my age, and I think to myself, its time I told them about my secret!!! ROYAL VELVET!!!