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The 10,000 Followers Example

In order to understand this example, you must first have read The Secret Formula.

Example: Steve has an Instagram (or YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) account with one million (1,000,000) followers. Steve promotes t-shirts. (Clothing is a “personal choice” item. Does not transform or radically change anyone’s life. The style of t-shirts appeal to some and not to others. And these are mostly bodybuilding t-shirts for men. Women pass on the promotion. Therefore, the vast majority of Steve’s followers are NOT interested in the t-shirts he promotes.) 2,000 of his followers purchase a t-shirt. (A .2% response.) Steve earns $10 commission per t-shirt sold. He makes $20,000 a year promoting this company’s t-shirts.

Bill has 10,000 followers on his account. (100 TIMES fewer followers than Steve.) Bill promotes Royal Velvet. Every person that follows him, men or women, young or old, rich or poor, healthy or unhealthy, black or white…everyone will benefit greatly from using Royal Velvet. Because it has hundreds of benefits, it appeals to everyone. And EVERYONE WANTS some of the benefits that Royal Velvet delivers. A much higher percentage of followers purchase Royal Velvet  because of its wide appeal. 200 (2%) of Bill’s followers purchase Royal Velvet. The majority see dramatic improvements in their lives. (Mental clarity, increased intelligence, better memory, improved sleep, fat loss, muscle gains, improved libido, overall health improvements, clearer skin, fewer sick days, a sense of well-being…) They purchase a month’s supply every month for a year (2 bottles is a month’s supply.) That is 400 bottles (200 customers purchasing 2 bottles per month) times 12 months = 4,800 bottles of product with a $10 commission per bottle. Bill takes in $48,000 a year in commissions, more than double Steve who has 100 times more followers than Bill!

And Bill continues to tell his followers about the transformation going on in his life, as well as including testimonies of his followers who have purchased and take Royal Velvet. Eventually Bill gets 1,000 of his followers (one in ten) to follow his advice. His annually income can be nearly a quarter of a million dollars ($240,000) with just 10,000 followers. Why? Because Bill was smarter than Steve, and KNEW THE SECRET FORMULA for success.