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Tyler Segerstrom

 T.S. Bio

My name is Tyler Segerstrom. I am the Social Media and Affiliate Manager at The Healthy Protocol. I graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and a focus in Advertising. I’ve been living in Austin, TX with my girlfriend and our two dogs ever since graduating a couple years ago. We love to go on hikes around the Greenbelt, paddle board on Town Lake, and play intramural sports with our friends. I’m a huge football and basketball fan, so most of the year, I’m rooting on the Oklahoma City Thunder, Oklahoma Sooners, and the Dallas Cowboys. I also play a lot of fantasy football in the fall and winter. My life revolves around sports, my dogs, and my family and friends. I often travel back home to Edmond, Oklahoma to visit my family, friends, and to go see Thunder basketball and OU football games. Oklahoma will always be home to me, however, I’ve had the time of my life living in Austin the past couple of years, and I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. 





Ever since I started taking Royal Velvet I’ve noticed dramatic results. After just two weeks, I noticed many brain changes. My thoughts were clearer, my memory was a little better, I felt more focused than normal, and I didn’t “crash” or get drowsy after a big lunch. I usually drink two (sometimes three) cups of coffee throughout the day to keep me awake. Now I only drink one or sometimes even none. Having mental stamina throughout the entire day is one of the best things ever. My motivation to keep working doesn’t dwindle as the day goes on. Another awesome benefit I’ve noticed since taking Royal Velvet is that I’ve been sleeping better. I don’t wake up exhausted, craving more sleep, and unhappy to get my day started anymore. Sleeping throughout the night and waking up feeling well-rested every single day is something I don’t take for granted anymore. And last but not least, the physical recovery benefits of Royal Velvet. I’m not as sore after the gym as I use to get because Royal Velvet repairs your body both inside and out, from your organs and skeletal features to your muscle tissue and nerves. All in all, I’d highly recommend Royal Velvet to literally anyone. Whether you’re a senior citizen or a young teenager, it doesn’t matter the age — every single person will experience different positive results.